The turn of the old and the new year is the time of summaries. Accounting departments of all companies have been preparing for the budget reports since November, but the balance of profits and losses should not only concern financial matters. Answer the following questions honestly:

How many employees have left your company in the last 12 months?

What were the reasons?

How did this affect the atmosphere of the entire team?

What resources did you have to invest in the process of implementing a new employee?

How does the image of your company look outside?

Do you have answers? Now draw conclusions from them. Let your New Year’s decision be to increase the attractiveness of working conditions in the company and build positive branding. You probably think that these are good but too general goals to be able to effectively implement them. Copy Office has good news for you – we have specific solutions that will help you achieve your goal before another year passes.

With current low unemployment, the employee sets the employer’s terms. Especially highly qualified specialists want to enjoy relative freedom as part of their duties. Consider whether the option of working partly or completely remotely would not be able to stop experienced employees of your company who in the recent months have decided to look for happiness elsewhere? A combination of two solutions: a videoconference set and an electronic document repository, among others it allows young mothers to combine work with looking after children, and representatives of artistic professions to look for inspiration outside the office.

The success of a business depends to the greatest extent on the success of clients. They are more and more aware and willingly choose the services of those companies that care about ecology in their activities. The digital workflow system will free your office from a pile of file binders, save on office supplies, but above all let you boast of being an environmentally friendly company. And this opinion translates into profits.

Enter the New Year with Copy Office!