Managing a group of people is not an easy task, not everyone has a predisposition. In a band that is not played, there are often misunderstandings, misunderstandings, and even open conflicts. You do not need to be a specialist in group psychology to improve team communication. There are tools that will make it easier for you. Copy Office will tell you what solutions will be best for you.

The first step should be an audit. Each company has its own characteristic style of functioning, which is why there is no universal solution that will work in any environment. Of course, we will not enter into relationships between co-workers, but we can examine the way and speed of information transfer or workload at individual office positions and propose adequate measures to improve these issues.

A tool that comprehensively improves the functioning of the office is the electronic information flow system and related document repository. Using a digital archive is much easier and faster than with its traditional version – all you have to do is search for a document by entering the relevant data. The solution also allows for partial automation of activities – incoming correspondence can be read and cataloged according to set guidelines (eg recipient, title, date of receipt). As a result, office workers do not have to spend time and attention on scanning and organizing documents.

The documents deposited in the electronic archive can in turn be used without any quantitative, temporal or spatial restrictions. Several people can work on them at any time, regardless of where they are staying (office / delegation / home – as part of a home office). It solves many organizational and interpersonal problems.

Of course, the tools we offer have a whole range of settings, thanks to which we can personalize them so that they perfectly match the needs of your company. We encourage you to contact us!