Have you ever wondered what drives consumer decisions when there are many companies on the market that provide similar services? Minor quality differences, modern offer, attractive prices – these aspects can be manipulated only to a certain extent. At some point, we encounter technological limitations or the obvious principle that the company’s activity should not bring losses. Of course, marketing is a factor that can effectively increase turnover. However, even the best advertisement will not help when the image crisis occurs. In a world where corporate social responsibility plays a major role and care for the natural environment, it is worth building the image of your company based on these values.
You probably think now that building an image in such “soft” areas requires a lot of work and resources that you lack reserves. If you use the Copy Office services, your company will become prosocial and pro-ecological at a really low cost. The whole process will focus on the modernization of the office, and the image-related benefits will appear as if by the way :). Thanks to the introduction of an electronic document repository, administrative employees will be significantly less loaded, internal communication will be more efficient and savings will appear in your portfolio! Additional benefits include more free office space (instead of unsightly bookcase shelves), which you can arrange in a way that is pleasing to the eye – in the end, it is often the customers and business partners visiting your company. What is the most important in the context of ecology is a significant reduction in consumption of consumables and electricity.
The processing of documents and materials for a digital version enables using them without time and space limitations. This means that the work system can be made more flexible. If your employee becomes ill, he will be able to perform his duties (of course depending on the profession) from home. Similarly, if someone feels worse, they have an urgent medical appointment or must go to another city. Life situations are unpredictable, and you have a tool that will help your employees support in difficult times. That is the social responsibility of business! News spreads quickly, you will soon fall in love as a forgiving and caring employer.
This is how a positive brand image is created. Do it with us!