How do you know that someone’s material status has risen? Such someone starts using the services of a tailor, a cleaning company, and goes on a box diet. And although such decisions are often perceived as an ostentatious manifestation of wealth, successful people know exactly what they are doing. Their time and energy are too valuable to be wasted on tasks irrelevant to their goals. It’s simple: if a recognized painter does the housework, he will not create another painting; if the businessman decides to prepare his own dinners, he will not take part in industry conferences taking place at that time. This individual principle also has a bearing on the functioning of companies – it is worth outsourcing all possible activities beyond the company’s structure.

Foreign corporations have already discovered this principle – many Polish companies provide their outsourcing services, that is, they perform a strictly defined part of their client’s or mother’s company’s tasks. The most often outsourced are accounting, recruitment, training, marketing, etc. As it is not difficult to deduce, these are activities unrelated to key competences of companies, eg from the IT area. Outsourcing such tasks to external entities means for them reduction of operating costs, use of resources that they do not have themselves, increase the flexibility of operations. To use all these advantages, you must separate from the company’s plan of operation such aspects that can be implemented by external entities. For most enterprises, corporations and state institutions, this space may be servicing office equipment.

The service contract offered by the Copy Office is the comfort of taking care of machine failures, repairing them, stopping at work, and consuming consumables. We care for all of this! In addition, we keep you up to date with technical innovations and offer solutions that will realistically improve the performance of specific companies. In our consultancy we are guided by the substantive knowledge and knowledge of the individual client.

Once you use our services, you will find out in mig that such a deal pays off! You may want to go one step further and take advantage of our equipment lease offer. In practice, you do not have to complete the system of machines and technological solutions – you use our fleet and we care for its efficiency and modernity.

See for yourself how convenient it is!