More and more are being said about shortening working time on a weekly basis. Successful people say they work 4-6 hours a day. The conviction that the more time you devote to work, the better results can be achieved. Tired, poorly focused, frustrated and attached to desks, employees are not a resource on which to build a serious business. The secret of a thriving enterprise lies in a reasonable balancing between private and professional life.
Maybe you’ve seen a movie on which Robert Gryn, a young Polish millionaire, proudly presents the office he created. In addition to the space devoted to work, a lot of space in the building is occupied by a recreation and health zone. Canteen, gym, massage and rehabilitation room – a businessman devotes a lot of attention to these places, although they do not directly generate the profit of his company. However, he realizes that an employee – to do his job well – must be healthy, rested and unwavering. It is the capital on which you can build a real empire.
To take a step in this direction, you do not need to have free millions of zlotys in your budget. At first, your employees will appreciate even minor changes. Such as an electronic document repository from Copy Office. With this tool you can store all relevant materials in a safe, digital form. Effect? Significant flexibility of the work system! If someone has a case to deal with in the office, he should look after a cold child or it is simply difficult for him to focus on a demanding task in the office open space – there are no contraindications, instead of in the office, he has to work at home, in a cafe, in a hut At the lake … He will have all the materials he needs at hand. You will also benefit from the changes – thanks to greater mobility, you will become a manager rather than an employee of your company. In the end you can oversee urgent matters from your own terrace or hotel on a tropical island. Work will finally become only an addition to an exciting personal life.
This is the first step on the path to putting a balance between life and work. With Copy Office you will go far!