At a time when media talks and conferences still talk about the impending climate crisis, and the Conference of Rectors of Polish Academic Schools is writing an urgent action to prevent an ecological disaster, it is worth realizing the social responsibility of business. Standing at the head of a large enterprise or public institution, holding every decision-making position, it is worth organizing work so that it does not contribute to the deepening of the crisis. Especially since solutions that really change the environment are within your reach. You will find them in the Copy Office offer.
Internal and external communication of companies and institutions not only generates significant costs, but also drives the production of materials with a short shelf life, often for single use. I am talking about information / ordinances / regulations, which – repeatedly copied – go to employees’ desks and from there directly to the trash. It is even worse with all kinds of promotional materials, such as banners, stands, roll-ups. They are often prepared with a view to a specific event and after its end they lie in attics, basements, storage compartments, and finally end up in the trash. Their further path is even more complicated than the fate of paper prints – such products are usually made of plastic and mixed materials, which effectively hinders their recycling.
If the future of the planet is important to you, take a look at the Copy Office offer. With the tools for document digitization, you can significantly reduce the number of prints circulating around the company and lying pointlessly on employees’ desks. In turn, digital signage devices will be a great alternative to traditional posters. Electronic boards have different dimensions and functions, so you can choose the right equipment for the right place and purpose. In the company corridor, in the lecture hall, at an industry conference – our solutions will work in all these situations, while expanding the spectrum of possibilities in developing materials to be presented with them. Your promotional materials can combine elements of presentation, film, charts, etc., thanks to which they will fulfill their persuasive function much better than traditional prints. One device makes it possible to use it in various situations for many years. The environment, customers and also your wallet will be grateful for such responsible activity – you will save on the costs of composition and printing.
There is nothing to think about anymore! We invite you :)