If you happen to watch a cartoon with your children, you have certainly noticed how easily and smoothly run processes in the fairy-tale world, which are actually more complicated. The brush itself sweeps the floor, the pages in the book are turned over by some magical force, the hero’s house is created in one day. “Eh, that everything in life would be so easy!” – you certainly sighed more than once. We may not automate all of your life, but we can significantly improve the work of your office. This is not a magical force – it is a specific Copy Office offer!
Let’s take an electronic document repository. It sounds very prosaic, but it can work wonders! All you need to do is spend some time and effort putting the right settings in the new device to observe how the “self” tool does the work for us. Invoices and other documents with a fixed template will be automatically read, recognized and cataloged. Communication between employees will take place in a digital form – it is a more effective and time-saving solution.
By depositing important information and documents in the digital repository, each defined user will be able to use it from any place and at any time – like a cartoon hero, all the materials needed for the operation will always be within easy reach.
As in a fairy tale – the most important is the happy end and the moral that flows from it. Thanks to the Copy Office solutions you will not only magically improve your office, but also save time and money. Thanks to using documents in electronic form, you will not have to cover printing costs and consumables, and thanks to remote access to materials – you will not have to pay for gasoline or MPK tickets to reach the office always when you need to use documents. Your savings are not the only positive aspect of establishing relationships with Copy Office. In this way you will also express your attention to ecology – you do not drive tree felling, you do not produce waste, you do not pollute the environment.
Discover the magic of Copy Office solutions!