Work in the service sector requires specific substantive knowledge and fairly advanced soft skills. Employees who meet these criteria usually go to office positions. They start full of enthusiasm and willingness to develop, and after a few weeks collide with the prose of office everyday. If you have seen such a scenario in your company, or even you have come across a similar path, it is worth considering solutions that will prevent undercutting new employees. Many such inventions can be found in the Copy Office offer.
The real bane of not only public institutions but also large enterprises is the extensive bureaucracy. The production and care of the circulation of thousands of documents fills the time of employees at various levels. The whole process absorbs significant funds in addition, and therefore, in our opinion, requires optimization. The basic solution should be the implementation of equipment with optical character recognition (OCR), which will automate a number of administrative activities. Invoices, contracts and various fixed-format letters will be recognized and accurately cataloged by the system. No more manual scanning and manual entry of data from documents. In this way, not only time and energy of employees is saved, but above all their well-being – they can focus on creative tasks and feel satisfaction at using their knowledge and experience at work.
The next step in the same direction will be the use of an electronic document flow system. Thanks to it, communication in the company will take place in a smooth, fast and precise manner, without the need to prepare printed messages. In addition to saving time and consumables, an important benefit is the improvement of standards related to the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of information. Electronic documents go only to defined persons, their reading can also be blocked with a password.
Give up outdated procedures and let your employees spread their wings!