A university with traditions inspires respect and trust, however, if attachment to the past manifests itself in the school’s values ​​or rich scientific background, not in the functionality and equipment of the buildings. Crackling wooden stairs and crowded cork boards will not make a good impression on students who expect modern solutions and interactive relationships with teaching and administrative staff. Similarly, candidates for the first year will certainly appreciate the way of communication adapted to their needs and habits. Copy Office comes with solutions that meet the changing expectations of the young generation, and at the same time significantly improve the functioning of the entire university. The key to success is Digital Signage technology available through Copy Office.
The traditional means of communication in many departments are immortal cork boards. Their sight may arouse nostalgia for old times, but it certainly does not facilitate the transfer of information. Overlapping cards containing printouts of dubious quality, as well as various deletions and losses, do not constitute clear messages, and sometimes even raise doubts as to their credibility and timeliness. Media posters can be an effective solution. Aesthetic, minimalist screens present multimedia materials prepared by authorized persons, and any changes in the content of messages can be entered “cleanly”, without deletions and overwritten information. The tool makes life easier not only for students, but also for employees who have full control over the ads and can manage them from behind their own desks.
Multimedia posters is an investment that will pay off not only in the form of more interest from candidates for studies. Such equipment opens up the possibility of developing profitable commercial activities. University corridors are places that gather a large number of people – they are ideal for presenting advertisements. Multimedia screens are designed to display internal messages and promotional materials of partners on a rotational basis. Nothing stands in the way to generate university profits in this way!