Today’s world places great demands on both individuals and organizations. The pressure to be perfect, to become the “best version of yourself”, the belief that “sky is the limit” – all this in excess can discourage and paradoxically inhibit the development of an individual or company. The panacea for this ideology is the “good enough” trend. Its assumption is that you do not have to be in the best of everything, you do not have to turn your life upside down to find the perfect job, the perfect partner, bring up the perfect children. It’s enough to be happy that what we have is good, not the best. The principle of company optimization is the transfer of this principle to the organization of the enterprise. That’s the promise he makes to his Copy Office clients.
We do not suggest a revolution, we do not offer solutions just because they are currently fashionable and have proven themselves in other entities. Our priority is the individual approach to the customer and matching solutions so that they support the existing system – they have optimized it. To this end, we suggest to start cooperation with the client’s audit, thanks to which we can become acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s operations, the specificity of its operations, relationships within the team, etc. It is only on the basis of these data that we can offer a solution that under the given circumstances will be sufficient good.
Of course, you can try to reach the ideal, but it brings with it huge financial costs, organizational confusion, and above all the risk that the new system will in practice turn out to be not as effective as it seemed in theory. At Copy Office, we believe that the procedures developed over the years best match the nature of the company, the profile of its operations and the needs of the team. These are “good enough” solutions, our task is only to support, modernize and optimize them.
We minimize the risk, we actually support the company’s operations. And we do it on your terms!