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Face the problems

Oct 22, 2020 |

Have you decided that your employees will return to the office in the fall, because remote work turned out to be ineffective? Regardless of the decisions you make, there is a risk that if any of your crew becomes ill, the entire company will go into quarantine. Instead of ignoring the real threat, it is better to face it boldly now. If the existing remote work system has failed, maybe it is worth considering its improvement. This is where Copy Office comes in handy.
In a remote system or in quarantine – your employees can perform their tasks efficiently without being physically present in the office. Good communication is key. Popular instant messaging services do not always provide good connection quality or the appropriate level of encryption. All these requirements are met by the videoconferencing system from Copy Office. With it, you can organize multi-person virtual meetings, where each participant will have the full opportunity to speak, share a presentation, comment on what he sees and hears. The system allows you to have a satisfying meeting and conversation with many people residing in other cities and even countries, which is especially important in the case of international corporations. It provides a stable, high-quality and – most importantly – secure connection. It is understandable that in business it is better to talk about certain matters face to face, without intermediaries, including technical ones. In the case of this solution, the confidentiality of the information provided is respected. In this way, not only can you feel safer and more free in the conversation, but also the image of your company will be strengthened – as a brand that looks for solutions to increase the data security of its customers and business partners.
Our solutions will not only be a godsend for your company in a situation of collective quarantine, but also open up completely new opportunities for you. Who knows, maybe it will permanently change the work system in your company ?!

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