Basic technical data

First copy: 7.2 seconds
Print speed: 65 pages / min.
Resolution: Maximum: 1,200 x 1,200 DPI
Heating time: 45 seconds
Paper weight: 52 – 300 g / m²
Recommended paper size: A3, A4, A5, A6, SRA3
Dimensions: 750 x 880 x 1 225 mm
Weight: 241 Kg


Ricoh MPC 6502SP

Post-leasing device.

The RICOH MP C6502SP multifunctional device has excellent technical parameters allowing it to locate the device on the top shelf of printing, copying and scanning machines in color. RICOH MP C6502SP prints and copies at a rate of 65 pages per minute both when using only black toner and color (CMY). The duplex scanning speed is up to 220 pages per minute in A4 format and double-sided scanning. The device is equipped with a few finishers: the Plockmatic booklet, stapling on 3,000 sheets, pampered on 2,000 sheets. Reduce the time needed to search for documents by searching for specific words with an optional PDF search function that embeds invisible text on scanned PDF images. PDF files can be sent to e-mail, folders and external media (SD / USB). Copy the front and back of the ID card or other small originals on one side of the sheet of paper using the “Copy of ID card” function. If you copy such documents regularly, this will allow you to save a lot of time. The optional Fiery color controller The E-22B color controllers are integrated with the devices. The controller is equipped with the most modern FS100 Fiery platform, Intel 2.9 Ghz processor, 2 GB memory and a 500 GB hard disk. This combination means that RIP productivity for complex print jobs is ensured at the highest level. Versatile resources Fiery controllers ensure tight control of job queues and precise color management (Pantone Plus). E-22B is Pantone ® calibrated to the guaranteed matching Pantone library. E-22B also has a Fiery FreeForm that allows you to print personalized offers and is a great solution when printing work with variable data.

Our Opinion
Certainly MP C6502SP will be used in large working groups and companies providing printing services.

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