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Scientific activity in times of pandemic

Oct 28, 2020 |

Classes, tests, examinations, thesis defense, and even the entire Faculty Councils carried out remotely – this is what the summer semester of the previous academic year looked like in most Polish universities. Life is slowly returning to normal, and universities are announcing the introduction of a hybrid model of functioning. While teaching activity can be carried out in this way without losing anything in quality, research and development activity requires support. After all, an important part of scientific life are trips to conferences, symposia, internships, consultations, which in the current situation have been significantly limited. Thanks to the videoconference system from Copy Office, the upcoming academic year does not have to mean a stagnation in research for your university!
In a situation of lockdown and widespread remote work, many research teams began to use popular tools that enable communication at a distance. As it turned out, this solution is effective, but certainly imperfect. While using various communicators it is easy to divide tasks or report the progress of work, discussing advanced research can be difficult. There may also be some concerns about information security. After all, research results are data that must be protected until it is officially published, and in some areas, several teams compete first to come up with a solution. Therefore, it is better to immediately choose a professional solution in the form of a videoconference system with advanced encryption of connections. In addition to security, the user gets here extensive possibilities of transmitting and commenting in real time photos, graphics, tables, charts, videos and any other research materials. It is an absolute must for long distance research.
Scientific life is not only about sharing knowledge, but also about professional promotions. Defenses of doctorates and habilitations in many cases had to be postponed due to the restrictions in the movement of people. Meanwhile, the commission is often made up of employees from very distant units. Instead of looking for deadlines that will allow everyone to move safely to a distant city, you can simply schedule a videoconference. If you have professional, non-failure equipment, the organization of online defenses should not be complicated.
The videoconference system will not only help to maintain scientific activity at the current level during a pandemic, but will also be an excellent investment for the future, which will simplify the university’s complex procedures of professional promotion.

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