In a situation of strong competition on the market, where many companies provide services similar to yours, building an attractive image may be a way to attract customers. For the action to be effective, you should focus on the features that distinguish your facility. Price, quality, fast service – these are of course important issues, but probably every company will refer to them. Look for less obvious indicators of your uniqueness, just remember not to miss the truth! Falsehood can be quickly exposed and cause you more trouble than profit. Are you close to ecology? Do you promote flexible forms of work? Do you take care of your employees’ health? If not yet, it’s time to get interested in Copy Office solutions that will help you make this kind of change and promote yourself as a socially responsible company!
More and more people are really worried about the vision of the upcoming ecological disaster. If you want to minimize the negative impact of your business on the environment, be sure to order an audit of the print environment in your company. Printing documents – a trivial thing, and it can generate huge pollution and consume a lot of energy. Meanwhile, it is enough to make a few changes to produce less waste paper, and at the same time save on consumables and electricity, and optimize work in the office. Only benefits!
The electronic document repository is, in turn, a solution that will also minimize the amount of printed materials in the company, so it fits in with the pro-ecological policy, but also allows you to work from outside the office. This opportunity is especially appreciated today, in times of a pandemic and a general home office, but it will also work in “normal” circumstances. Which mother would not need a day’s work from home to look after her toddler in the meantime, to whom the babysitter did not come? Who would not like to rent a cabin in the mountains to work for a week until 4pm and relax in nature in the afternoons? Due to the fact that important materials and company documents are available from anywhere in the world and at any time, such scenarios are possible. And the gratitude of employees translating into loyalty and commitment – priceless.
We have many more such solutions – we will be happy to tell you about them.