If you have decided to run your own business, you certainly know the value of flexibility. Although your employees have not decided to take this courageous step, you can be sure that you enjoy the freedom of action as much as you do! So if you want them to feel good in your company and do their best to accomplish particular tasks, let them at least partially manage their time and place of work. Sounds like a utopia? Not at all! Copy Office solutions will allow you to effectively move from the sphere of the idea to the practice of everyday life.
The reasons for the so-called “attachment to the desk” at work are different. When it comes to customer service, it is difficult to move the employee out of the office space. In most cases, the necessity to stay in the office results from organizational assumptions that you have an impact on. Significant materials needed for the implementation of the project can be scintillated, just as the team’s cooperation can be based on electronic contact. Of course, provided you have solid and reliable technical support.
To keep an employee, are you ready to go to far-reaching compromises? You should therefore be sensitive to his plans and the changing personal situation. A well-qualified specialist after the birth of a child may want to slow down the turnover and focus more strongly on family life. In a traditional professional relationship, this may mean a reduction of working hours, and even dismissal from the current company. A similar situation is the desire to go on a long and long journey. However, if you have solutions to build non-standard professional relationships – you have a strong argument to retain such an employee. For example, an electronic document repository allows you to work in a non-standard system, access to documents is possible from anywhere, anytime – whether it is a playground or a beach on an exotic island; is it a late time resulting from the necessity to put the child to sleep, or the time difference in different hemispheres.
In the 21st century, working in the office from 8 to 16 is not really the only option. With Copy Office, you adapt to the modern flexible labor market.