In an office environment, the eyes are divided into two types of individuals. The first is a “professional” – usually takes his job a few minutes before the start of the day, and leaves it only for business reasons, when you have to go to the boss to interview or scan the document. He often fell ill at the porter who wanted to close the building, but the “professional” finished his work on the project. He can survive 8 hours in the highest concentration, without coffee and dinner. He rarely speaks, usually to consult a colleague about a problem. It is the mainstay of the department, it always serves substantive help when it is on sick leave or holiday, everyone feels like without the right hand.
The second type is the “cupcake-racer”. If individuals of this kind appear at work punctually, it is only to take the best place at the company’s express and start small-talk with anyone who also decides to start the day with coffee. Once he’s talking to all colleagues, he moves to his desk, which does not mean he’s silent. Usually, music flies from his workstation and there are non-binding sighs, which are a perfect excuse to make another conversation. “Storytellers” work in the task mode – they quickly execute orders to be able to devote again to the company’s social life. Their lack in the office is immediately noticeable – there is embarrassing silence, the atmosphere is falling, the integration of the team is getting weaker.
Ideally, if the department includes people representing both models of functioning in the office. Then work is done efficiently, professionally and in a good atmosphere. The employer’s task is to provide solutions supporting the activities of both types. The Copy Office offer will be an excellent choice in this case. “Professionals” will get modern tools and will quickly appreciate the new opportunities that will benefit them. You can be sure that crunching the next functionalities and using them to accomplish everyday tasks will consume them completely and provide new, attractive stimuli. Thanks to this, their interest in tasks, satisfaction and commitment to work will increase.
“Storytellers” will certainly appreciate the automation of work as a consequence of the introduction of new office solutions. They probably will not explore new functionalities on their own, but they will definitely be interested in these facilities, which will shorten the time of their tasks. Electronic repository of documents combined with the system of their digital circulation – these are solutions that will quickly master and become masters in using them for the most effective work. The time saved will be able to be spent on chatting over coffee.
And what, you see in your office the need for solutions offered by Copy Office?