All over the world, coronavirus invasion has been going on for several months. Entrepreneurs are especially hoping for the end of a pandemic. It is private companies that will feel the most negative effects of global downtime. However, it must be assumed that the world after coronavirus will look different than we are used to. The changes will also affect the way of doing business. Globalization and ease of movement encouraged entrepreneurs to take distant business trips – for conferences, meetings with clients, fairs, trainings. Today, we observe the consequences of increased migration of citizens of the whole world in black and white. It can be assumed that after the coronavirus pandemic, the trend will change. You can get ready for what will happen in a few months – return to teleconferences and online meetings.
If you want to be perceived as a professional, you cannot rely solely on publicly available, unreliable solutions such as Skype or phone calls. The Copy Office videoconferencing system allows you to hold full-fledged virtual meetings that leave you unsatisfied. Excellent sound and image quality not only allows you to communicate using words, but also allows you to read between the lines – with gestures, facial expressions, body position adopted by the interlocutor. This is very important, especially when negotiating or resolving crises, of which there will certainly be many in the coming months. Such matters cannot be settled by phone or email.
The videoconferencing system is not only an opportunity to enrich the meeting with a psychological aspect, it is also an opportunity to share materials and comment on them in real time. This is especially useful in creative industries, where discussions about the project without illustration of its elements are often pointless. Sets enriched with a screen will allow the presentation of photos, videos, charts, visualizations, charts and all other materials. Are you introducing a new visual identity? Do you change the look of the website? Thanks to Copy Office tools, you will discuss each idea in detail with all partners without leaving your own office.
Thanks to cooperation with Copy Office, you will come out of today’s crisis and quickly make up for the losses in the new reality after coronavirus.