It is said that the foremost always insured – and there is a lot of truth in this adage. Privately, you can have a passion for putting everything on one card and taking risks – only personal health, wealth and personal relationships are at stake. In business, this attitude can not take place – after all, the entrepreneur is responsible not only for the success of his company, but also for his employees and clients. These elements constitute a system of connected vessels – a slight disruption in relations with clients or employees, and financial success can be forgotten. A factor that is often downplayed, and may cause some confusion, is the failure of office equipment. However, you can effectively insure against such an eventuality!

Imagine that you are just completing a big project, all departments are working at full speed to make it before deadlin when the electronic document repository suddenly breaks down. Access to key information is hindered, communication between employees slows down. You call the technicians, but they have their hands full and repair is only possible in a few days. No, it’s not a nightmare, it’s quite a real scenario, even the best devices are after all emergency. The situation seems to be out of the ordinary, unless you have a service contract with Copy Office. We support our regular clients with priority, thanks to which you can be sure that the office will be resumed the same day. Of course, not every failure can be repaired right away, and yet we are able to guarantee the continuity of your office. If the problem needs more time to be solved, we provide replacement devices that will be an effective prosthesis in this crisis period.

Of course, things are not always so dramatic. Our goal is to prevent crises rather than to stop them. A lot of confusion can eventually even make the printer run out of ink. With this in mind, we monitor the level of consumption of consumables and fill them up at the right time.

As you see – it is worth being wary! :)