Scholars are a specific type of employee – they have high specialization and extensive knowledge in their field, but they often show some helplessness regarding organizational matters at the university and its technical equipment. Instructing and training people with degrees may compromise their ego, hence often arouses resistance. It should also be remembered that a scientist with a wealth of work is an employee who often has to be sought. The working conditions offered to him can encourage him or effectively alienate a particular individual. Therefore, when completing lecture hall equipment, it is worth thinking not only about the attractiveness of the form of communication for students, but also about the ease of use for teachers. Solutions combining these two aspects can be found in the Copy Office offer.
We offer you an integrated room management system that will allow you to find yourself in the maze of cables, switches and remote controls even the least technical-oriented people. All thanks to the control panel. The tool can be installed on the chair, so that the class lecturer will not have to leave his seat to start the projector or use the BluRay player. Behind his desktop he will handle not only devices for the presentation of audiovisual materials, but also e.g. window blinds. This will certainly improve the course of the whole lecture, because no technical inconvenience will keep the lecturer out of tune. The operation of the device is extremely simple, the intuitive interface will guide even an inexperienced user. The hall management system can also indirectly increase the level of education in your unit – thanks to its ease of use, lecturers will certainly be more eager to use interactive, modern teaching methods, and students will easily learn the knowledge thus provided.
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