For years, have you been making sure that your company has the opinion of eco friendly and is associated with the idea of ​​corporate social responsibility? It’s time to add another feature to this image – attention to epidemic safety. Recent months have mixed up in the economy a lot, they have also changed consumer behavior, for which it becomes important whether the company applies measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. In this new reality, the outbreak of a virus outbreak in a particular company can mean a serious image problem for her. You need to look for solutions that will prevent such situations. This is not only a sanitary requirement, but also a new PR principle.
You should definitely be interested in the videoconferencing system offered by Copy Office. The solution combines several advantages, all in line with modern business trends. In recent months, companies that have been able to quickly switch to a remote system have gained the advantage – both in terms of employee activities and contact with customers and partners. Widely available messengers are not always enough to discuss projects and their graphic elements in detail or have a substantive conversation based on lively interaction. The system we offer allows you to display presentations and comment on them in real time, exchange materials in excellent quality, good and stable connection. All this makes virtual contact a full-fledged replacement for a live meeting. This is a great solution not only during a pandemic, but also every day – if the idea of ​​ecology is really close to you, you should give up climate-burdening business trips for environmentally friendly electronic connections.
However, it is not always possible for all company operations to take place in home office mode. If you run a business that has a lot of people on a daily basis, you can’t afford the risk of getting the virus inside. How to fight an invisible opponent? Have a system for analyzing body temperature of people in motion. Thanks to this solution you will be able to discreetly control the health of everyone who enters the company premises. A vigilant alarm will give you a signal when it catches a disturbing deviation from the defined norm. Now you only need to develop procedures that tactfully minimize the risk of spreading the virus.
Thanks to such activities, you will build the image of a competent, stable, safe and caring company for both your employees and clients.