Business meetings and conference presentations are quite a stressful event for speakers, as well as a challenge for the entire company, especially if they are attended by representatives of external entities – strategic clients, partners and company members. The basic tasks of the host include ensuring technical conditions that will enable all participants to present their materials in an attractive and efficient manner. In the modern world, however, it is still not enough. A professional meeting organizer should be prepared to include also physically absent persons at the meeting and the need to update the multimedia presentation on an ongoing basis. Only special task devices will manage such challenges. Just what Copy Office has in its offer.
Interactive monitors are a significant facilitation when discussing. Not only do they cooperate with various types of media (laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone), they also enable effective, real work on the presented materials. All kinds of comments, comments and corrections that will appear during the conversation can be immediately applied to the project. Corrections are readable and understandable to everyone thanks to the handwriting recognition function that effectively processes the note into printed text. It works even at medical conferences :). Materials in the final version can be easily sent to meeting participants and all interested parties. Importantly, an encrypted connection will prevent materials from getting out of the circle of authorized people.
In case you need to communicate with a person absent from the meeting, it is worth having a videoconferencing system. If it additionally has a specialized screen, virtual contact basically does not yield to a face-to-face encounter. You can, without hindrance, observe and hear your interlocutor, as well as send you all kinds of multimedia materials. Discussions taking place this way are fully valuable.
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