For many weeks, coronavirus has wreaked havoc on health but also on the economy. Due to the pandemic, most companies went into remote work mode. Enterprises that have invested some time in remote collaboration tools are in a good position. Worse with those who only have to use email and an unstable Skype connection. We recommend Copy Office offer to anyone who would like to increase the level of telework in their company, or just introduce such an opportunity!

It is still unclear how long the current situation will last, but we all have painfully convinced that without a developed coping strategy in such moments, it is difficult to maintain our own business. Without waiting for another lesson from fate, it is worth getting a few tools today that will support entrepreneurs in difficult times of social quarantine. Copy Office solutions are not only an investment for the future – their quick introduction will also allow you to stave off the current crisis. The videoconferencing system will enable remote business meetings. This is an extremely valuable opportunity at a time when not only international flights were suspended, but even meetings among residents of the same city are excluded. Thanks to stable, multidimensional connections you will be able to agree with business partners and clients a new way of cooperation. Because crises are conducive to emotional reactions and fearful, ill-considered movements, calm, substantive conversation is advisable. The videoconferencing system will provide excellent sound and vision quality, as well as allow the presentation of graphic materials, charts, charts, etc. It is a perfect substitute for a real meeting, which will certainly cool down emotions and lead to constructive arrangements. Most importantly – it’s a solution that you can use immediately!

The electronic document circulation system requires implementation and filling with relevant materials. Therefore, it cannot be treated as ad hoc assistance for the duration of the current national quarantine, but it is worth realizing how valuable a tool is in a situation when it becomes necessary to switch a company into remote work mode. Although a few weeks ago no one allowed such scenarios to each other, today most of us operate in the home office system. It is not known what situations will meet us in the future, so it is worth providing your company with smooth functioning in such circumstances. The system allows access to important documents and information from anywhere and at any time – the only requirement is internet access. This convenient solution is also completely secure – only verified, trusted employees have access to the system.