Did you know that aviation business has a huge impact on environmental pollution? One long journey by plane can increase the carbon footprint of an individual so much that even if he switched to vegetarianism, he would not offset the debt incurred by nature. Meanwhile, traveling by plane is the most popular means of transport during business trips. Many companies and universities in their declarations are concerned about ecology, so it’s time to move from theory to practice and now start developing solutions that will reduce the frequency of business air travel. Copy Office has something to offer you!
Modern video conferencing systems are tools so advanced that they can successfully replace meetings “in real life”. They are compatible with standard devices used in most companies and institutions, so you do not need to supply additional machines. Almost immediately you can enjoy the highest standard of data transmission, without the risk of interrupted connections or technical restrictions. The tool is available for purchase along with the screen, through which you can send presentations, advanced graphic designs, films, simulations, etc. Thanks to this, the conversation becomes full-fledged, it lacks nothing … well, except maybe patting the speaker on the shoulder and shaking his hand :)
The videoconferencing system will not only give the environment a rest and save some funds in the budget, but also paradoxically strengthen cooperation between units located in the field. Trips to business trips, consultations and conferences require considerable expenditure of time and money, not to mention that not every employee, due to his personal situation, is able to make frequent distant journeys. Thanks to Copy Office solutions, you do not have to resign from cooperation with a distant partner, on the contrary – conversations can take place as often as needed, and not only when circumstances allow. Try it and you will see that you will find the tool to be used where you do not expect it yet. Conference speech via the internet? Why not, and with the discussion after the panel! Distance habilitation process? Of course, the distance on the map should not discourage you from working under the guidance of the most outstanding scientists!
Think about ecology, think about yourself and your workplace – take an interest in the Copy Office offer!