The passing year (as well as the coming months) is a time when companies struggle to survive rather than make huge investments. The most important thing for them is to reduce operating costs while maintaining the smooth operation of the company. New office equipment does not seem to be a basic necessity now, yet it is often essential to the smooth running of a company. How to solve this paradox? Take advantage of the Copy Office office equipment lease!
Composing an office fleet is a difficult task, especially in such uncertain times as the present, when it is not easy to predict how many people will work physically in the office and how many in the home office system. Meanwhile, the purchase of devices is a serious investment – expensive and clearly defined. It is difficult to sell or replace used devices on an ongoing basis to adapt the fleet to the changing needs over time. However, you can at a low cost ensure access to the latest equipment adapted to the current situation of your office. It is enough to take advantage of the lease of equipment from Copy Office.
Thanks to the service, you not only get the equipment you need, not the one you can afford, but you also don’t have to worry about all the matters related to its servicing and repair. You pay a fixed rate for the prints made, and you get professional technical facilities and a head free. An extensive fleet of proprietary machines will also not block you from changing premises, reducing office space, etc. You will gain flexibility, which is one of the most important values ​​in business in the time of crisis.