Do you want to improve the operation of your company? You better not take hasty action, because the effects may be opposite to the expected ones. The equipment touted in the salon may turn out to be incompatible with the equipment you already own, and the fashionable solution difficult to master by long-time employees. This does not mean that it is not worth modernizing the office! The first step towards a better quality of work, however, should be consultation with specialists such as Copy Office.
We deal with the mediation and sale of equipment and solutions, but sales results are not the most important for us. Our goal is to choose products that will best suit individual customer needs. Therefore, in addition to ongoing advisory services, we offer an enterprise audit service. During this process, we thoroughly analyze various elements of the company’s operations (even those that are not directly associated with technology), we look for weak points and elements whose quality can be easily raised – using the appropriate technical tools. The final result of the audit is the report and our “repair proposal”. Of course, the diagnosis made is not binding, it is the starting point for talking with the client. When implementing specific solutions, you need to take into account the company’s budget, its development strategy, current condition and many other variables. We are convinced that only by means of partnership talks can the most adequate path to modernize the office be determined.
When there is already a plan for what to do, you have to go to its implementation. At this stage, we act as a guide in the world of office technologies and an intermediary with the best brands on the market. Also thanks to this we can guarantee the highest quality of products and their adequacy to individual needs. When the whole system is set in motion, we care that no cog will cause its failure. Conclusion of a service contract with us means that in the event of failure, the customer is served as a priority and consumables are exchanged on a regular basis.
If this is how you imagine the process of modernizing your company – do not hesitate, call us!