As the manager of a public institution, have you noticed that the efficiency of your employees has increased during the pandemic? You have proof of how much time it takes for them to inform and answer applicants’ questions on a daily basis. What if you could collect the most important and most common doubts, determine the answers and publish them in an attractive form accessible to everyone? A multimedia board and an interactive kiosk are solutions that will certainly improve the efficiency of office workers.
It is very difficult to focus on carrying out a larger task when you are constantly distracted – by phone, e-mail that needs an urgent response, or finally a personal visit from the petitioner. Such a system causes the administrative staff to be constantly in a hurry, they feel that they have done little, even though they were active all the time. Of course, there are situations when nothing can be done without the official intervention of an official. In most cases, however, it is enough to refer the interested parties to another source of information for the officials to gain space to perform their tedious and concentration-requiring work.
The simplest solution is a multimedia board. Installed right in front of the office, it will allow to dispel the most obvious and schematic doubts of stakeholders. If the explanations are insufficient, you can always knock and ask the officials to speak to you, but this is often not necessary anymore. Information on the board can be systematically updated by employees without leaving the office. This means convenience, time savings and allows for better management of information content – documents can be easily edited, there is no fear that an old, forgotten page will hide in the corner, which will mislead you.
Of course, the matters with which people visit the office can be quite complicated – in such a situation, the general message will not dispel all doubts. However, this is what the interactive kiosk is for, to provide answers to the user’s detailed questions. Thanks to this solution, the petitioner will find out what procedure he should apply in his individual case or what the schedule of actions looks like in a specific situation in which he is.