The events taking place before our eyes are an important test for many Polish universities. Universities, like most public institutions, had to suspend their physical functioning for the benefit of remote operations overnight. Not only academic teachers contact students using online tools. The entire university administration has also gone into home office mode. This is an unprecedented situation that no one expected. Hardly anyone was prepared for it. Well, apart from universities using Copy Office tools!
At the beginning of March, when universities were still functioning, but information about their further activity changed from hour to hour, interactive kiosks and notice boards proved to be a great help in communication with students. With their help it was possible to provide current information on an ongoing basis without the need to prepare and suspend printouts. In this way, administrative workers were protected, who did not have to leave their rooms and expose themselves to contact with the pathogen. Safe employees and well-informed students – this is the result of implementing at universities the tools offered by Copy Office.
Administrative work at the university requires access to many documents and materials. It might seem that operating a university in home office mode is not possible, while the Digital Office document repository allows you to do such activities. The tool allows archiving properly cataloged materials in electronic form and gives easy access to them for authorized employees. Do not worry about data security, because thanks to the security system, the solution ensures confidentiality of information.
Let’s hope that the current situation will pass quickly, but it shows that universities should be prepared for various eventualities. In emergencies, the priority should be to preserve the functioning of the university, care for good internal communication, and care for the health of students and staff. Copy Office solutions are invaluable in such cases!