Business is uneven. The way a large corporation works is completely different than running a sole proprietorship. The differences can be multiplied almost indefinitely, common elements are much harder to find. What undoubtedly connects various types of enterprises is the fact that all of them – regardless of the size and scale of operations – can benefit from the Copy Office offer.

Copy Office is the address where you can report in almost any matter related to the technical support of the office. You can be a manager managing a fifty-person department located in a glass tower block, a director of a public institution where twenty people are employed with you, or a freelancer providing B2B services – in each of these cases Copy Office support can be invaluable. And in each one a personalized proposal of technological solutions awaits you.

For large enterprises, the option of renting office equipment is perfect. It is essentially a type of outsourcing, in which, in exchange for a reasonable fee, the external company assumes full responsibility for the operation of office machines. Effect? You do not have to monitor the level of consumables, and a printer failure is not a big problem – the service solves the problem expressly or provides a replacement device. Since the fleet is not your formal property, you can remain highly mobile when using a fully equipped, modern office. In a word: you eat a cake and you have a cake! :)

Public institutions usually have their own office equipment. This does not mean, however, that Copy Office has nothing to offer them. Contrary! In places where one old printer serves the whole office, the smoothness of machine work is important. A minor failure can effectively immobilize the entire administration. That is why fast, effective service is so important, which not only removes the fault immediately, but also intervenes before the toner runs out. A fixed cost per page fee allows for clarity and predictability of settlements.

If you’re a freelancer, you should look for solutions to break out of your loneliness. Professional video conferencing equipment will help you effectively – it will facilitate full-fledged contacts with partners from even the farthest corners of the world and will build the image of you as a “solid brand”. Think about it!