In business, it’s worth focusing on specifics. It is no accident that the bosses of the largest corporations, such as Facebook or Apple, minimize their own wardrobe items. The smooth t-shirt of Mark Zuckerberg or the black turtleneck of Steve Jobs became their hallmarks, but also objects of reflection. Why are businessmen who can afford the most sophisticated and fashionable creations satisfied with such simple styles?
The secret is in minimalism. Thanks to the constant, predictable, simple outfits, the creators of new technologies save time and energy every day, which they can devote to thinking about what is really important. It is worth taking an example of them! This, of course, does not mean giving up your care of your appearance. Take a good look at the space in which you work, and think about which elements of its equipment unnecessarily take your attention and distract you. Our experience shows that managers of institutions and enterprises spend a lot of time thinking about the technical background of the office. Replacing the printer, depleted toner, sudden fax failure – although these are not big issues, they are busy with managers almost every day. Every necessity of reorganizing this space, or worse, moving out becomes a real challenge. The way to free yourself from incumbent thoughts about technical matters is to use the option of renting devices or concluding a service contract with Copy Office.
The lease of devices, contrary to appearances, is a good offer not only for beginner entrepreneurs. Large corporations that have long discovered the benefits of outsourcing are eager to use it. Renting machines whose efficiency and compatibility is ensured by another entity is simply the most convenient and the cheapest solution for large corporations. Especially when moving and reorganizing office spaces are at stake. Then you don’t have to sell unnecessary devices or stuff them in a new office. Copy Office will protect your equipment during the move and provide a set optimally adapted to the new reality.
The service contract differs from the lease in that the equipment is the private property of the company or institution. Still, you don’t have to worry about it failing or consuming supplies. Thanks to the special Copy Office application, it monitors the technical condition of devices and intervenes even before the machines fail. Such a contract guarantees the continuity of the office’s work and releases employees from responsibility for the technical efficiency of the office.