The world is slowly coming back to normal after weeks of lockdown. More and more people are living, as if there was no virus between us anymore – customers appear in restaurants, fans return to stadiums, employees fill up empty offices. The vigilance of people managing companies, institutions and facilities should not, however, be put to sleep. We’re still hearing about new coronavirus outbreaks here and there. One positive person is enough to quarantine the entire team. For the health of employees and customers, but also for your own interests, you should take action to help protect the place for which you are responsible from the virus attack. How to do it? After all, you can’t do specialized tests every day. Copy Office has something for you to offer!
A great way to systematically, quickly and non-invasively control clients and employees is the Konica Minolta brand system for analyzing the temperature of people in motion. The device needs to be installed in a place where all people in the building pass through. Thanks to the thermal imaging camera technology used, their health can be monitored on an ongoing basis – discretely, quickly, automatically. This does not involve any additional obligations that could be burdensome or time-consuming for the persons surveyed. The results are only read by delegated employees, so there is no fear of leakage of confidential information. Disturbing data should prompt to initiate procedures to prevent the spread of the virus inside the building.
In addition to the epidemiological factor, the system also offers psychological benefits. Your employees will feel safe, they will be more open to contact with the customer, knowing that the body temperature of each person entering is monitored. Certainly they will be more willing to take group actions, it will be easier for them to focus on tasks.
Take care of your employees, take care of your interests, take advantage of the Copy Office offer.