What, apart from a diploma with a good grade, is evidence of a successful study? Heap of photocopies! A university is not a lower school, so that all knowledge is ordered in a specific textbook. In most courses, the teacher compiles material from various sources and provides it to students in electronic form or as a single copy of the text to be copied. Photocopy points are also besieged at the end of each semester, when students try to fill the gaps in class notes before the session. It is often the case that crazy queues before the photocopier line up in short intervals of several minutes between classes. Employees operating the equipment cannot keep up with the sudden number of orders, the atmosphere is getting thick and full of reproach. And yet there is an easy way to improve the printing system for students. Modern technologies bring effective solutions – you will find them in the Copy Office offer.
The printing environment management system dedicated to universities is an extremely universal solution that can be used by both employees and students. It consists in placing a multifunction device with special software in publicly available space. A person who wants to use the machine should log in to a special portal and make a transfer to their own account created there. After obtaining confirmation of the transaction, you can confidently use the printer – just go to the university and from any device with access to the network (e.g. from your own smartphone) send the file to print. To collect ready materials, simply authorize the process using a student ID.
Although the introduction of the system initially requires some resources, the funds pay back quickly! Firstly, the university benefits from this image – as a modern and student-friendly unit has the chance to attract a larger number of candidates. Secondly, funds from student prints go directly to the university’s account – it’s a great way to earn money quickly and easily. It is all the easier because the service does not require any technical or administrative support – the students operate the equipment themselves and the profits directly contribute to the university’s budget.
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