August is a vacation time for university employees. Not everyone can, however, carelessly enjoy summer rest. Many people are struggling at this time with a real administrative bane – scheduling. Factors that should be considered in developing this complex puzzle are not only the availability of lecturers and their personal requirements, the number of groups and their relation to the size of the rooms, but also the equipment of individual rooms in relation to the technical needs of specific courses. Thanks to the multimedia room management system, you can effectively get rid of the big organizational problem – all rooms can meet the most sophisticated criteria in the same way.
Even the best-equipped rooms can be difficult for class leaders. Especially if the lecturer is an elderly professor who is a bit out of tune with technological innovations. In this case, the multitude of functions, screens, remote controls, buttons etc. can be more complicated than easier. After one semester of such classes on the part of the teacher there may be a strong desire to change the room for a more friendly one. Then the whole intricate schedule is unstable. The room management system facilitates the use of multimedia devices even for the least advanced people in this subject.
The secret to this solution is the intuitive control panel installed in the cathedral. The touch monitor allows you to control all devices in the room – an interactive monitor, display, sound, blinds, lighting, etc. Prepared by the teacher multimedia materials are displayed on the wall, and this image can be supplemented with notes, annotations, making classes more alive. In turn, students have the option of using a large-format interactive monitor, and all notes prepared on it are transferred in real time to users’ private devices, e.g. student laptops.
The use of multimedia solutions in didactics will not only increase the prestige of the university, but also encourage previously resistant scientists to use intuitive, easy-to-use technical devices, which will significantly increase the attractiveness of classes. Composing a complex timetable will become much easier when the rooms are well equipped and easy to use.