A tool that will keep everyone happy in business

In business, it is very important to be sensitive to social moods and the ability to adapt to them. The last time is extremely complicated in this respect. You have certainly noticed that customers are divided into those who are concerned about their health and expect the application of the sanitary regime, and those who would most likely forget about any restrictions. Do you spread your hands helplessly, thinking you won’t please everyone? Nothing similar! We present our system for analyzing the temperature of people on the move! Many people visit institutions, large plants and service points every day. Measuring the entrance temperature to each of them would be cumbersome, create queues, frustrate and discourage potential customers. On the other hand, abandoning any safeguards would increase the risk of infections and, in the worst case, lead to a coronavirus outbreak. The perfect compromise is the discreet system that automatically measures the temperature of moving people. No waiting in line, no person with a thermometer armed with gloves and an apron. Fast, non-invasive and effective! If a person with coronavirus symptoms appears in the room, the employee operating the device will immediately receive information about the temperature measurement that is outside the defined range of values. Each establishment or institution should develop a procedure for dealing with such cases, adapted to the realities of its operations. We give the tool, you know best how to use it to achieve optimal benefits. Get in touch today, before the flu season begins!