The coronavirus pandemic prevented the organization of many symposia, scientific conferences, not to mention the defense of diploma theses. Although in a few months everything will probably return to normal, one question will stay with the world of science for longer – does the progress of knowledge and implementation of research projects really require such great mobility as it is now? Solutions supporting research and didactics at a distance can not only be a salvation in today’s difficult situation, but also a policy for the future.
Interactive boards enriched with the option of audio-video connections allow you to get a technically satisfying conversation with a scientist or a group of scientists from another unit, another city or even country. In this way, it is possible to hold not only working meetings of project members, but – with a little good will of all participants – also conferences, scientific consultations or thesis defense. In addition to communicating using words and gestures, the system allows you to send presentations, charts, videos, in a word – any audiovisual material that can enrich the meeting. Many universities, which have limited their functioning due to epidemiological threat, allow for the defense of diploma theses over the internet. The formula resulting from special circumstances may prove to be so convenient and effective that it will become more popular after the cessation of the epidemic. This would certainly streamline the entire procedure, which requires committee members to meet at one time and place.
Another permanent consequence of the functioning of university employees in the home office mode may be the popularization of e-learning teaching. While in the first days of the national quarantine, the leaders and students were somewhat lost, after a few weeks the situation normalized. Lecturers have mastered the technological devices enabling them to contact students, while students willingly acquire knowledge from the multimedia materials proposed to them. When the situation again allows universities to carry out teaching in the traditional form, it may turn out that no one will want to go back to boring lectures and notes written in chalk on the blackboard. Interactive solutions from Copy Office will enrich and enhance lectures at your university.