Finally what we’ve been waiting for has happened! The daily increase in illnesses is decreasing, subsequent sectors of the economy are being thawed and everything seems to indicate that we managed to control the first impact of the coronavirus. We are slowly getting out of the freezing, economically lossy. Experts warn, however, that another wave of illnesses awaits us in the fall. If a lot of people come through your business every day, you should be vigilant so that the outbreak does not appear in your plant. Konica Minolta’s system for analyzing people’s temperature in motion is the best preventive measure!
An outbreak of coronavirus has made some correlation very clear, which seems obvious, but has not always been taken into account – it is the employer’s responsibility during the crisis to care for good conditions and employee health. This is determined not only by ethical but also by economic considerations. In recent months, we have seen that institutions and units in which sanitary safety rules were not followed and many people fell ill had a problem with their functioning. While many companies easily switched to the home office, sick employees are not able to work in any mode. To prevent the spread of the virus among your crew, you should be interested in a system for analyzing people’s temperature.
The discreet device, based on sensitive thermal imaging camera technology, will allow you to monitor the health status of all people entering the room on an ongoing basis. The system works non-invasively, it does not require any stressful or time-consuming procedures. Thanks to this, employees will not treat the device as a control tool, but rather an expression of concern for their health. The use of such a solution will translate into a sense of loyalty and community, which are necessary to create a harmonious, solidarity team. Especially in such difficult times.
Do you remember how sudden the March pandemic attack was? Do not delay, because it may be late in the fall. Get a system today that will ensure the safety of you and your employees.