In many Polish cities, the first workplaces that responded to the coronavirus pandemic and introduced precautionary measures were universities and colleges. On most of them, didactics and administrative work are still taking place remotely. Higher education adapted very quickly to new realities, and with quite good results! In terms of organization and care for the safety of employees and students – they can lead by example for other institutions and workplaces. It is worth following this path and equipping universities with technological solutions that will facilitate their functioning in an extraordinary mode, which is a pandemic.
An interactive board should be a constant view in every university unit. Thanks to it, important information for students can be updated on a regular basis, without the need for an administrative employee to leave the office. What’s more, the reliably supplemented board means that students will not have to knock on the doors of dean’s offices and secretariats so often, most of the answers to their questions will be visible in a visible place and at a convenient time.
It is best if interactive kiosks are found at many points at the university, so that students do not have to gather at one point and wait for access to the device. With the right number of devices, issues such as enrollment for seminars or checking the exam schedule can be done electronically and automatically without the need to visit the dean’s office in person. This is not only convenient, but also safe under current circumstances.
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