Acquiring extensive knowledge at the academic level takes time. The most valuable teaching staff are advanced professors who have spent a large part of their lives in libraries and laboratories, and are not necessarily up to date with technological innovations. Meanwhile, the interactive, modern way of conducting classes gives the best didactic effects. The paradox of higher education lies in the fact that it is extremely difficult to combine advanced knowledge with modern media. The Copy Office offer enables what seems impossible.

A good way to diversify a traditional lecture is to use a mobile visualizer. Content transmitted orally can be easily illustrated with attractive and accessible materials. It’s a great way to present all kinds of photos, negatives, film films and slides prepared by the host. It’s easy to use, and effectively attracts the attention of students and significantly enriches the content of the lecture.

Interactive monitors are a slightly more advanced, but still user-friendly solution. To enjoy the benefits of this technology, you must prepare a room in which each student will have their own computer station. After logging in to the account, the student will be able to start individual work, and thanks to the system connection of all positions – the effects can be displayed on a common screen. In addition, thanks to the touch screen monitor, each member of the group can enter notes and corrections in real time on a jointly viewed image. You can also make your own comments using your own computer. This solution is extremely effective, significantly streamlines and makes group work more attractive, and at the same time is very intuitive and easy to use for the teacher.