The coronavirus pandemic has increased the value of remote work – both employees and bosses have noticed that alone, in their own home, it is easier to concentrate and take care of their basic needs (such as nutritious breakfast, longer sleep, quick walk, momentary rest in silence). A well-rested and well-groomed employee means greater productivity, better creativity and tasks completed on time! There are many indications that this type of professional relationship will be gaining more and more popularity, so it is worth equipping yourself with tools that will significantly improve it. The videoconferencing system from Copy Office is the perfect solution!
Coffee to start-up, small talk with a friend in the corridor, distracting phone calls by a colleague from the desk next door, lunch break when the employee just got involved in the topic. Working in an office requires assertiveness and tremendous concentration, otherwise you can easily waste a whole day and miss urgent assignments. And the other way around – someone comes to work full of energy, with maximum concentration in 4 hours, doing everything that was planned, and for the next half a day he pretends to work, frustrating himself with the senselessness of his presence in the office. During this time, he could run, cook a nutritious dinner, sign up for a language course, in a word – he would not waste those hours. Working from home gives you a better opportunity to achieve work-life balance and it is worth for bosses to appreciate this issue. Thanks to a specialized videoconference system, your employees will be able to carry out tasks at their own pace, in concentration and conditions convenient for them, and the results of the work will be easy to talk over via a remote connection. The tool is equipped with the highest quality elements, thanks to which the discussion can be full-fledged, illustrated with a presentation, photos, films, etc. The system allows participants to effectively discuss key issues and quickly return to “their worlds” – without standing in traffic jams and exposing themselves to physical contact. potential carriers of the coronavirus.
Scientific work involves not only sitting alone in libraries and laboratories, but also discussing new discoveries and exchanging knowledge during conferences, symposia and various events attended by scientists from all over the country and the world. In the present situation, this poses an obvious risk of Covid-19 infection, but even in a quiet period, one may wonder about the sense of distant delegations, air travel, etc. Is it economically and ecologically justified? Can’t discussions be conducted remotely? You can! Provided that you have a specialized technological solution. The Copy Office videoconference system is a perfect tool for conducting scientific discussions – not only allows meeting participants to see and hear each other very well, but also enables the presentation of advanced visual materials. This solution also allows to significantly shorten the time of conducting research, and as you know – in the race for patents and popular publications, the winner is who is the fastest.
Videoconferencing system – one solution, many applications!