Tablets, ultrabooks, cell phones – mobility of devices is included in the price, both in private and professional life. If you equip your employees with tools that allow them to perform their duties also on the train or at home, it means that you understand what modern business is about and you follow the times. Then Copy Office solutions are created for you!
The most obvious solution in this context is a video conferencing kit that allows you to conduct full-fledged distance calls. This allows you to save time and money that would have to be spent on distant delegations. Meanwhile, you can talk substantively with your business partner or branch of your company without leaving your place. You don’t have to limit yourself – the Copy Office solution allows you to discuss the project, contact a specialist from a remote unit to help solve the problem. You can freely illustrate your conversation with films, presentations, reports, charts. No restrictions!
An interesting idea to use technology is to keep in touch with an employee who, due to random reasons, stays in his own home temporarily or for a long time. A woman in advanced pregnancy, a young father, an employee with a broken leg or caring for an elderly parent – none of these circumstances must exclude a person from working life. Remote work allows you to achieve a work-life balance and the company does not lose a trained specialist. This is a win-win solution!
Cooperation with Copy Office will allow mobility to operate even such large devices as a printer. A special application allows printing from any device while maintaining the highest security standards. The employee does not have to use a computer, it is enough to order a printout from a mobile device. It can also send the scanned image directly to a phone or to a cloud account. Access to materials can be protected by a password or user ID. Easy, fast and safe.