This autumn is the time of a great exam for society – during the pandemic, schools resumed their stationary activities. Both parents and teachers are quite confused and insecure in this situation. Is it a good and safe idea to return to school corridors during a pandemic? How to enforce the application of the sanitary regime among primary school children? Where is the balance between applying security measures and creating a learning environment conducive to the integration of young people? These are questions that – in the absence of rigid ministerial guidelines – school principals have to answer on their own. Take it easy, Copy Office is here to help.
Many principals came to the conclusion that spending many hours wearing masks would be extremely burdensome for students, and would also limit the possibility of interaction during classes. Therefore, it is not obligatory to wear a mask during lessons in many schools. It’s an understandable decision, but is it safe? Yes, as long as there is a daily health check for each student. Sounds like an idea impossible to implement? Nothing similar! Thanks to the system for analyzing the temperature of people in motion, such a test can be performed by any person who enters the facility. Many teachers and principals report the need to monitor body temperature at the entrance, as this is one of the most effective ways to catch the symptom of a disease quickly and prevent the virus from entering the building. Manually measuring the temperature of tens or hundreds of students who start lessons at the same time is an intention that exceeds the organizational capacity of an average school. Installing a discreet device that measures body temperature without queuing is another matter. A special monitor allows you to observe the readings from a safe distance and will quickly inform the operator about a value exceeding the established norm. Now all you have to do is follow the appropriate operating procedures developed in each school.