The end of the academic year at the universities is manifested by the sight of long queues winding in the corridors. The situation, when the registration for an exam is possible only in a short time, during the strict working hours of the dean’s office, is not conducive to students or employees. Both people experience stress, under time pressure there are frequent mistakes, and staying in work after hours is also frustrating. Similar scenes will take place in the university space from September, unless the holiday period will be used to modernize the student service system. Simple and effective solutions in this field are offered by Copy Office.
Interactive kiosks can contain information about important events that have been asked in the secretariats so far, thus extending the queues of applicants. Thanks to the 24/7 intuitive devices available, each student will be able to find out in a convenient time for themselves about the date and place of examinations or additional subjects to choose from. Kiosks do not take up much space, and only a few such devices are placed in different places of the building, to relieve the administrative workers in a critical period. The devices do not require technical support, their interface has been designed so that every representative of the young generation can use them without any problem. Solutions such as dragging text or graphic elements are widely used in smartphones, tablets, etc. and do not require explanation of modern twenty-year-olds.
Thanks to Copy Office solutions, your Alma Mater can make an energetic leap into the 21st century.