August is a vacation month at universities. Therefore, it is also the best time to implement technological solutions supporting administrative support for students and remote research work. Before the September premiere, it will be time to calmly test the new possibilities and adjust the settings to the needs and conditions in a specific place.
Considering the main problem of the recent months, i.e. the coronavirus pandemic, which – as experts predict – will not end soon, it is worthwhile to focus on solutions that will improve remote learning and contactless handling of administrative matters. A professional videoconferencing set can prove to be a beneficial tool in a situation where research needs to move forward, but the team is not able to meet specialists in the field, e.g. during conferences or consultations. Thanks to the advanced videoconferencing system, the meetings at a distance will be of full value and will allow for deep discussion of specialist topics. The tool will also enable the defense of doctoral and postdoctoral theses without the need to look for a date when all members of the commission will be able to come to one place. Such a device will not only keep the university’s scientific activity at an appropriate level despite the pandemic, but will also provide great support in the time after the plague, when – as forecasts indicate – remote contact will replace not always justified trips and conferences.
Even if in the new semester the teaching will be conducted mostly in the form of e-learning, a lot of employees, students and clients will enter the campus every day. The prolonged presence of even one person confirmed to be infected with Covid-19 will mean quarantine for all who come in contact with them. In addition to the health of employees, the employer should be concerned about the vision of serious disorganization of the team’s work, especially in the fall and winter season, when the symptoms of common colds will resemble the course of the coronavirus. In order to secure the staff and ensure the continuity of work of individual university departments, it is worth equipping yourself with a system for analyzing the temperature of people in motion, thanks to which you can discreetly and effectively recognize people with symptoms of the disease and apply appropriate procedures to them.
Copy Office will lead you safely into the new academic year!