Even if you have a very modern office, where communication between employees takes place mainly in electronic form, and most of the produced documents and collected data is digital, you have to deal with materials that reach your company from the external environment. Invoices, reports, paper-based contracts need to be digitized so that the information they contain can be added to the electronic system functioning in your company. This manual process would be extremely tedious. We write “would” because luckily you do not have to do it yourself. Copy Office digitalization devices will do all this work for you!
In the process of digitizing documents, the scanner is the most helpful device. Even the best machine of this type is not everything – data in electronic form should be processed and archived yet. It seems that at this stage, it is necessary to involve a human being who will be able to select relevant information and direct it to the appropriate catalogs. It turns out that even such tasks can be performed using technological devices. We are not talking about artificial intelligence, but about the function of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). All you need to do is devote some time and attention when configuring the device so that the system “remembers” the elements to which it should pay attention, and then automatically captures them on the scanned materials and puts them in an appropriate repository directory. As a result, invoices, contracts and all other documents with a permanent layout are digitized, read and cataloged without employee intervention.
Copy Office solutions will significantly save human resources in your company and optimize the functioning of the entire company.