The next semester of classes in the remote system has just started at most universities. This means that administrative staff can feel safe in the coming months. However, the situation will surely become much more complicated with the examination session and the end of the academic year, when a large number of students will want to get their university affairs done. This will mean an increase in people-to-people contacts, which raises the risk of infections. Meanwhile, some of such meetings can be avoided thanks to the use of modern technologies.
A solution that we recommend to every university (but also to offices and other public institutions) is a multimedia information board. This simple solution allows applicants to be informed about all important matters through the materials displayed on the screen. We write “materials” because in addition to plain text, images, charts or videos can be placed on the board. As a result, the information is conveyed in a manner that is as precise as possible and adapted to the preferences of the modern recipient. As a result, the administrative employee not only does not have to answer orally to questions bothering students, but also does not have to leave his office to update the data. All you need is a computer connected to the network.
Of course, it is impossible to answer all the doubts raised by students using the multimedia board. Sometimes more interactive tools are needed. Such as multimedia kiosks! Thanks to them, the student will be able to choose a topic that interests him / her, check information about his group or year, see a personalized package of optional courses. Following subsequent commands will allow you to get to the right information, without the need for personal contact with an administrative employee.
The above solutions will prove useful not only during the pandemic, but also after it – they will effectively unload the endless lines to the dean’s offices and relieve employees in the most hot periods of the academic year.