Although you will have to wait a little longer for your employees to be vaccinated, you can get a “vaccine” for your company today! No queues and no double dose. How is this possible? Well, Copy Office has solutions that will build the immunity of your company, so that subsequent contact with the virus will not devastate the entire organism, which is the workplace. We describe several components of this protection below.
Resilience is built in the long term – not in relation to a specific threat, but by supporting weak, strategic points. To start working effectively, you must first identify your goals. During the audit, you will learn which elements of your company’s complex system are functioning flawlessly and which require repair. It is a very important element of the entire process to which Copy Office attaches great importance. This is due to the fact that we treat our clients individually and instead of offering identical packages to everyone, we want to find out what your company REALLY needs. As a result, you will gain knowledge about the efficiency of devices, the effectiveness of procedures, and savings prospects. The new system will be built around pillars that are already functioning well, and the weaknesses of the system will be supported or replaced.
An electronic document repository is a great solution in anti-crisis prevention. We are talking about “prophylaxis”, because it should be devoted a lot of time and attention while still working. Creating an electronic version of important documents and materials and their proper cataloging is a tedious process, but it pays off in the long run. A well-developed system means that the home office only means changing the workplace – without compromising the efficiency and pace of performing tasks. All authorized employees have unlimited access to the necessary documents. Such a solution is beneficial not only during a pandemic, but also during holidays, holidays, and the child’s illness – in a word, in any situation when working outside the office is involved.
And these are just two elements from the extensive Copy Office offer. Contact us and you will find out what we can offer you.