Work automation is often associated with something inhuman, dehumanized. Media scare us with the vision of computers that replace employees. No worries, many more years will pass before such black scenarios begin to meet (if at all!). Meanwhile, it is worth using the benefits of new office technologies, thanks to which the employee will be freed from most of the duties that he now performs mechanically.
Shifts at the scanner and printer, running with internal mail, document cataloging – this is the iron repertoire of every internship. A young employee, instead of absorbing substantive knowledge, is delegated to tasks that do not mean much, and yet someone has to do them. Even those with long-term experience are often subject to such obligations – having knowledge and experience, thanks to which the company or institution could develop wonderfully. When the time and attention of such people is directed at photocopying and archiving of documents, they can not allocate their full potential to strategic tasks. It’s worth being aware that the whole company is losing out on it. Copy Office has solutions that allow you to manage your staff potential more effectively.
First of all – an audit. A thorough analysis of the activity of a specific company will help diagnose the problem and suggest its solution. We do not impose anything, but only suggest and listen to the client’s needs, together we work out the most optimal strategy.
Second – devices. We have knowledge and we are perfectly aware of technological novelties, thanks to which we can expertly advise and select equipment to match the environment of your company.
With Copy Office, work automation does not mean its dehumanization. On the contrary – workers freed from “mechanical” duties will cease to be a human addition to a printer or scanner. They will start to develop their wings, and with them – your entire company.