At the beginning of the academic year, confused students can be seen in the university corridors. The situation applies not only to those who first crossed the threshold of the academy – experienced students are also often lost in the new orders. Uninformed students occupy administrative rooms, asking the simplest questions forever. If your Alma Mater is not free of such scenes, it’s a sign that it’s worth using the Copy Office offer.
The simplest solutions usually prove to be the most effective. Information boards in front of the dean’s office do their job well, they are also objects behind which students are intuitively looking for answers to questions bothering them. The problem is that there are a lot of problematic issues, and the surface of a cork or magnetic board is, after all, limited. Class schedule for all groups, room layout, optional list, campus map, legal acts (external and internal) regulating the individual’s work, study regulations – you never know what information you will need. However, there is a solution that will accommodate all this information in the form students are used to. They are interactive posters!
The interface of the devices offered by Copy Office is very intuitive, representatives of the young generation – accustomed to smartphones and tablets – will have no problems with its operation and will easily find all information among logically ordered materials. The digital form of data presentation protects them against destruction or substitution by unauthorized persons. The entire service of the information board is carried out remotely – the employee does not have to print and seal ads and attach them personally in the corridor.
Modern communication management at a university is a convenience for everyone!