Times of multi-generational companies that have occupied permanent premises for decades, becoming part of the city’s landscape, are gone forever. Today, dynamics and readiness to change matters. Thanks to the development of the Internet and new technologies, a company from Krakow can do close business with a partner in London, and its flexibility and readiness to change locations significantly increases its attractiveness on the market. In such realities, owning a large, fully equipped office can be a bullet. At the same time, however, modern office equipment has a good impact on the company’s image and streamlines its business. How to combine these two extreme trends? Take advantage of the Copy Office offer!
Many companies have stopped purchasing real estate and focused on developing their own services. Thanks to this, they can freely increase or decrease, move to places where it is strategically justified. The only problem is the office equipment – selling out and re-assembling large devices or transporting them is a cumbersome process. It can be bypassed using the option of renting office machines at Copy Office. In exchange for a monthly rent you get a set of equipment and technological solutions perfectly tailored to the needs and specificity of your company. Everything works like clockwork, because the website immediately responds to any failure and removes it immediately or provides a replacement device. Things are even more interesting when it comes to replenishing consumables. We control the toner level on an ongoing basis and deliver new cartridges before it stagnates. So you enjoy all the privileges of the office fleet owner, and you don’t have to worry about its efficiency. In a situation when you plan to rearrange, restructure your office or move your business to another premises – nothing binds you. After the contract, Copy Office picks up your equipment and gives you immediate freedom.