Are you worrying about the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic not so much for health reasons as for business? Have you struggled to keep your business going during the spring lockdown and are worried you might not survive the fall? Instead of waiting idly for the next blow, roll up your sleeves and use the coming weeks to remodel your business so that it can cope with the complications caused by the next worsening of the pandemic.
Sit back and analyze what problems you may encounter in the near future. The fall season means colds and other diseases that, although not serious, may resemble the beginnings of the coronavirus. In order not to expose your employees to virus infection, it is worth introducing a remote work system. It seems impossible to you, because you cannot imagine cooperation without group discussion of various projects? You haven’t got to know our videoconferencing system yet! A stable connection, excellent image and sound quality, and most importantly – tools that allow you to easily transfer visual and audio materials or conduct presentations – all this will ensure that you will not feel a major difference between a real and virtual meeting.
However, there are industries where it is impossible to switch to a home office. Then the most important thing is to ensure epidemiological safety in the office. This is also important because a possible quarantine may deprive you of staff for the entire 14 days. In our offer you will find a solution to this problem! The system for analyzing the temperature of people in motion allows for discreet and quick detection of people whose health condition raises suspicions. Now it is enough to develop appropriate procedures to deal with such cases and act!