The current academic year is full of surprises. It started with classroom classes, and after a few weeks it moved almost completely to the Internet. Regardless of whether it is possible to bring students back to the lecture halls in the summer semester or not, the turn of February and March will be a time of increased traffic in university corridors. Recent consultations in laboratories, passing courses, entries in indexes, enrollment in individual class groups, following the schedules of classes – in these and other matters, students will certainly want to visit the dean’s offices of their faculties. To ensure the safety of students and employees, it is worth using Copy Office solutions!
Not all matters need to be dealt with in person, especially if the strategic information can be updated on an ongoing basis and presented in detail in various places of the university. This possibility is provided by interactive boards. Supported by administrative staff, they allow you to transfer the most important information without leaving the office room and receiving dozens of applicants. The technology used in them allows them to be placed in spacious places and often visited by students. Thanks to this, you can minimize queues and reduce the accumulation of groups in the narrow corridor in front of the dean’s office. An additional advantage is the ability to easily make corrections and update the content. No need to disassemble the glass case and attach new prints.
However, the university is not only teaching, but also research! In order for scientists to conduct their research, they should be able to participate in conferences, symposia and consultations. At this stage of specialization, a Skype call or a phone call is no longer enough. The videoconference system allows you to send complex presentations, graphics, models with the possibility of discussing them in real time. Thanks to this solution, you can feel like at a real conference, and the discussion after the speech can be as exciting as at the most ambitious seminars.